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Scoring Spread
Here will be found various papers and spreadsheets related to Scoring Spread.  First is a PDF analyzing some scores from 2012 Worlds.
Here is a paper that shows how to optimize holes for wider scoring spreads.
Here are some statistics from the holes that were used for Advanced Players at 2014 Am Worlds
Here are some statistics from the Plantations Ruins Course used for Advanced Players at 2012 Am Worlds
A quick calculation of whether length or trouble is more effective at sorting players by skill.
A test of the hypothesis that certain lengths of holes lead to lower scoring spreads.
A beginning of a way to visualize the impact of design elements.
Another way to analyze scoring distributions.
How to set par from a scoring distribution.
How to set par to the correct level.
Some graphs from my database of over 6,000 scoring distributions.
Using scoring distributions to develop pseudo scores that more accurately reflect the skills of players.
Using Contribution to Scoring Spread Width of Total Scores and pairwise competitions to measure the performance of disc golf holes.
Using Scoring Spread to Compare the Performance of Different Courses.
Using synthetic luck to estimate sorting ability of disc golf courses.
Measuring the Effectiveness of the DGPT Dream 18
How to adjust holes at Blue Ribbon Pines to be more effective at sorting Pro players .
Testing whether birdie-heavy holes are better at creating scoring spread.
Comparing Tournaments by Their Ability to Sort Players
Looking for evidence that players change how they play a hole when par changes.
Which courses at Ledgestone 2022 best fit the players who played them.